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Filter coffee maker with timer - Tractor oil filters - 58mm lens filter

Filter Coffee Maker With Timer

filter coffee maker with timer

    filter coffee
  • Drip coffee made with a ceramic, glass or plastic cone lined with a paper filter. Favored by professionals because it gives them control over water temperature — ideally 200 to 210 degrees. This coffee is sediment free, though some believe the filters add unwanted flavor.

  • Drip brew, or filter coffee, is a method for brewing coffee which involves pouring water over roasted, ground coffee beans contained in a filter. Water seeps through the coffee, absorbing its oils and essences, solely under gravity, then passes through the bottom of the filter.

  • a person who makes things

  • God; the Creator

  • A person or thing that makes or produces something

  • Godhead: terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God

  • manufacturer: a business engaged in manufacturing some product

  • Used to indicate how many times someone has done something

  • timekeeper: (sports) an official who keeps track of the time elapsed

  • a regulator that activates or deactivates a mechanism at set times

  • An automatic mechanism for activating a device at a preset time

  • a timepiece that measures a time interval and signals its end

  • A person or device that measures or records the amount of time taken by a process or activity

filter coffee maker with timer - Presto 04212

Presto 04212 Electronic Clock/Timer

Presto 04212 Electronic Clock/Timer

Four functions in one compact unit - timer, stop watch, calendar and clock. Times up to four activities at once. Accurately time sup to 24 hours in timer or stop watch mode. Easy to read l.c.d. digital display shows hours, minutes and seconds. Memory store sup to three different timer settings.

Some purist cooks claim to have an instinctive inner timer, but most people need a little help remembering when to take the roast out or punch down the bread dough for its second rise. The Presto four-in-one Electronic Clock/Timer fulfills that basic function, but it doesn't stop there.
When not in use as a timer, the time and date--month, day, year, and day of the week--are displayed. There's also a stopwatch function that's useful in many ways, and not necessarily only in the kitchen. The easy-to-read display is helpful when there's kitchen work going on; that way it can hang up out of the way and stay clean. A loud tone sounds when the time is up; and the memory function stores up to three countdown times for reuse. The versatile clip can also become an easel stand, and it has a magnet, too--it's good to go wherever it's needed.
The Presto electronic Clock/Timer operates on one AAA battery (one battery is included.) The Clock/Timer is not immersible; it can be carefully wiped clean with a slightly damp rag. The timer measures 2-1/2 inches by 2-1/2 inches. A sheet detailing containing operating instructions is included. Presto guarantees this product with a limited one-year warranty. --Garland Withers

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filter coffee break

filter coffee break

this coffee came in a little contraption that filtered the coffee straight into your glass and it was deliciiiious. It was also the first filter coffee i'd had in almost a week, it came with a cookie and everything which felt like a brief return to things civilised.

Need new coffee maker

Need new coffee maker

Anybody have a recommendation for a coffee maker with auto-start timer?

Our 2nd Bodum Santos died last week. It lasted less than a year. This is the back-up coffee making system.

filter coffee maker with timer

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